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Our Coast to Coast

By Gordon & Vicky Welch



In June 2005 my wife (Vicky) and I were sitting in the lounge. I was channel hopping....as usual, and Vicky was... as usual trawling over Lake District maps. For some obscure reason involuntary words like “lets walk the Coast to Coast next year” seemed to pour out of my mouth like water over a fall. In no time at all the navigator and all round planner of this epic walk had every map in the house relating to St. Bees Head across to Robin Hood’s
Bay out over the lounge floor. Looking back to 2005 now, I think those words I uttered so involuntarily were to change our outlook on not only the Lake District (we live in the Eden Valley) but the whole of this most beautiful country of ours. We walked across the roof of England in 2006 and like lambs to the slaughter we did it all over again in 2008. If you have found your appetite wetted or indeed your curiosity awakened, then please be our guest and follow the link to 2006 or 2008. We promise you won’t be disappointed.
This country of ours has a great deal to offer. Many have found it before us and I’m sure many more will follow in our foot steps. When they do, chances are we may meet them if like us they choose to walk the coast to coast in 2013. However, in 2010 we went to meet some very special friends in California! We were not disappointed.
Gordon & Vicky Welch
“So there we sat in the warm sunshine of that September afternoon, a million miles from reality, amongst the grouse moorland, heather clad hills of Yorkshire’s best, with good company & a very satisfied feeling of another day’s delightful walking complete, having beheld yet more superb scenery. We were completely oblivious to the outside world, cocooned in this shell that Alfred Wainwright had created for us so successfully. The world could be on a collision course with Mars & all that we were concerned about was would we get to Robin Hood’s Bay in time!” (Vicky’s quote 2008 page 29).
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St Bees Head
Robin Hoods Bay